Advanced Solutions. Superior Performance.Advanced Solutions. Superior Performance. Advanced Solutions. Superior Performance. Advanced Solutions. Superior Performance.


Our Business consultants offer advice and
assistance relating to strategy, structure,
management, and operations
to help your organization
pursue its long-term goals.


Systems Integration

Excelacom's Systems Integration services
combine hardware and software
with existing applications and
systems to create an integrated
technology solution.



Excelacom has developed next generation
software solutions that provide application
efficiencies, cost savings and
enable new technology for our



Excelacom outsourcing provides cost and
performance related benefits for customers
in shifting a portion of their
application development
and testing offshore.


About Excelacom

Finding solutions to  today's challenges is our strength

Excelacom is a leading Software and Consulting company, providing strategy and support for leading companies across four continents. Excelacom's mission is to enhance the businesses of our clients through innovations in business process architecture, application strategy, and IT infrastructure. This mission is supported by consultants, analysts and technology specialists around the world. Excelacom produces a specialized line of telecommunications products under the Century brand and provides consulting, system integration and outsourcing services.